Fones Visuas

Benefit of the service

To stay healthy, spend the time lively and be yourself.

Fones Visuas
predicts the suspicion and risk of all target diseases
in the future with a single measurement
We also visualize (estimate) your current health condition
and make proposals to improve health

to support your future and health.

Service features

We provide a behavioral change cycle that leads to maintenance and improvement of each person's health.

  • [Measurement and
    blood drawing]
    A lot of information can be
    measured at a time
    with less stress

    • With a small amount of blood, it is possible to predict the risk of many diseases and estimate the health status at once. And additional determination can be made once the measurement has been made, reducing the need for additional blood draws.
    • IT solution that can be linked to everyday lifelog is also available.
  • [Visualization/Analysis]
    Evidence-based early risk
    detection and follow-up
    of the progress

    • Detection of disease risk based on medical evidence (demonstrations are underway)
    • The service estimates health condition and visualize improvement effect rather than amount of blood component.
    • It focuses on proteins that change day by day, so follow-up for progress is possible.
  • [Improvement proposal
    Utilization of NEC's
    state-of-the-art AI technology
    "NEC Simulation of health
    checkup result prediction"

    • Proposals to improve life tailored to each individual
    • Visualization and easy-to-understand presentations of future forecasts when life improvement is practiced

Target Diseases

Cardiovascular disease

Lifestyle-related diseases*

Physical condition

Liver fat, Glucose Torelance, Cardiorespiratory Fitness VO2Max,
Alcohol impact, Resting Energy Rate, Body Fat Percentage,
Visceral Fat, lean body mass

*Risk of diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases can be checked by comprehensively interpreting results of other biochemical and blood tests.