Privacy policy

1. FonesLife privacy policy

Established: July 1, 2020

In working toward the realization of such a society, FonesLife, Corporation. (" FonesLife ") recognizes that the protection of personal information (including Specific Personal Information ,Social Security and Tax Number called "My Number", the same applies to the following) is its social responsibility, and has established a policy for the protection of personal information. Efforts are constantly being made to implement and maintain the policy. This privacy policy sets forth our principles as follows (note that the original is in Japanese):

  1. FonesLife obtains, uses and provides appropriate personal information.
    Among other things, FonesLife takes appropriate measures not to handle personal information other than for the specified purposes.
  2. FonesLife abides by the laws, regulations of Japan pertaining to the protection of personal information.
  3. FonesLife makes efforts to implement, through the adoption of necessary and appropriate security control measures, the security control of personal information handled by FonesLife, including protection from disclosure, loss or damage.
  4. FonesLife appropriately responds to complaints and requests for consultation with respect to FonesLife 's handling of personal information and its personal information protection management system. Please contact the designated person or place for inquiries.
  5. FonesLife makes efforts to review and improve its personal information protection management system, including this policy.

2. Contact us

For information about use and protection of your personal information, contact the person or the department shown when you registered your personal information. If they are not clear, contact the following division.(A person in charge of your inquiry will respond to you.)