Digital technology brings
era of preventive healthcare



To the future where no one gets sick.
To the society where everyone can live their own way.

We listen to the "voice of life."

We will show you the “current” and “future” health status and
disease risk in an easy-to-understand manner and
propose improvement measures that suit each individual.

We will make a society stress-free and
where everyone can live in their own way.


There are many diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, where lifestyle is a factor,
but actually changing habits and behaviors is not so easy to do.
In addition, protein is an important component in the human body, and
since its ratio in the body changes depending on lifestyle, measuring protein is a good way to understand the current state of health.
On the other hand, genes that do not change throughout life can be used to estimate tendencies but not the current state.

We utilize blood protein measurement technology and data analysis and
simulation technology to visualize the current state of health and disease risks in an easy-to-understand way, and
support behavioral changes by proposing improvements and simulating the results to suit each individual.
In addition, we develop and provide services to support health in cooperation with companies and organizations.

Blood protein

Utilizes SOMASCAN®, a technology developed
by SomaLogic in the United States, that can
analyze the concentrations of about 7,000 different
proteins in blood from a small amount of
blood* at one time.
* 75μl

NEC Group’s ICT
and AI technology


Measurement service

Technology to measure about 7,000 different proteins is available for a wide range of researches and developments at research institutes and academia. If you are interested in the technology, please contact us here.


FonesVisuas predicts the suspicion and risk of contracting all target diseases in the future in a single measurement. We also visualize (estimate) your current health condition and make proposals to improve health to support your future and health.

Development of health support service

We improve the added value of services provided by companies and organizations, and collaborate to develop and provide new services.

※ FonesVisuas is available only at medical institutions in consultation with medical doctors of medical institutions. Please contact a medical institution if you would like to use the service.

※ The tests conducted with this service cannot be used for diagnostic or medical directly. Please use the test results to improve your daily lifestyle habits. Please consult with a medical institution about concern about your health status or medical treatment for disease.

NEC Solution Innovators Healthcare Business Website(Japanese)


Company name
FonesLife Corporation
April 1, 2020
Head Office
3-8-3, Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 103-0023, Japan
Paid-in Capital
200,000,000 yen
Representative Director
Chief Executive Officer
Naoto Egawa
Director(Executive Vice President, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.)
Masahiko Ishii
Director(Senior Vice President, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.)
Shigeru Matsuo
Director(CEO, SomaLogic, Inc.)
Roy Smythe
Auditor(Corporate Finance and Comptroller Division Senior Manager, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.)
Eiki Satou
Chief Technology Officer
Iwao Waga
Number of Employees
23 (As of Jun.17,2021)


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